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They are not too old where everything has to be either designer clothes or the latest cool toy out, but instead are open to new ideas, activities, and games.

I got this for my seven-year-old daughter for her birthday and didn't take it out of the box for almost a month because I have such bad memories of

Sevenyearoldboys have many varied interests and abilities and our list of the top toys for this age

From LEGO to Nerf to Mega Bloks, here is our mega list of the top 50 best toys for 7yearoldboys

Read the reviews and choose the best gift for asevenyearoldboy from top brands including LEGO, Hog

Unsettled neighbors who watched in horror as a7-year-old Lowell boy was mauled to death by two pit bulls Saturday night insisted yesterday there was nothing anyone could have done to

For a7-year-old, not getting something to look exactly the way they want it to or losing a game can be crushing to their self-esteem. Parents, teachers, and other adults can help by offering frequent encouragement and helping a child focus on what they might learn from an activity rather than what...

A 10 yearold will find most jobs very hard to do. It will be easier togeta job when you're older if you have a history of being a good worker, though.

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Aseven-year-oldboy became trapped in soft mud on Brean beach in Somerset. Mother Susie Roberts raised the alarm after she was unable to reach her son.

Aseven-year-oldboy has allegedly been lynched in the Badagry area of Lagos for stealing garri, according to reports. Reports and images making the rounds on the social media indicate that the boy was set ablaze after being beaten up. Although details of the incident are still sketchy, reports…

Onfim was supposed to be learning to write, but his daydreams got the better of him and his spelling exercises are mixed with doodles.

Aseven-year-oldboy has been killed in a fatal accident in Queens, New York, which pinned him between a van and his school bus, just moments after he got off school on April 17. Cameron Brown, who has been described by his aunt as a straight-A student who always smiles, was making his way...

That was the moment our seven-year-old son came out. He took a bite of chicken and announced, in his

I have aseven-year-old son, so I have been listening to what he and his friends are asking Santa for for months.

Teaching a7-year-old to code can be a tough thing. Even though it is not the most fun of topics and you may

While up to 15 hours is ideal, most infants up to 11 months oldget only about 12 hours of sleep.

A yet-to-be-identified seven-year-oldboy has drowned after he went to swim with his friends. According to a report exclusively sent to

Answer 1 of 39: Hi, My husband and I are bringing our 7-yearoldboy to New York City (at his request). He is a seasoned traveler, and used to dining in 5-star

That depends on the boy! As a 14 yearold, 7 hours was probably an hour more than I had or needed on a regular basis. That being said, my sister at the same age would get 8 hours a night and then sleep an extra 40 hours the first week of every school holidays. As long as he is not falling asleep in class or...

I want to make a care box for a boy that just turned 7yearsold. I was going to send some new pjs, but can't decide what size to send?

So WhatTo Do to Help Them Learn to Read? Well, do we really need to “do” anything? 7 is still very young and in a perfect world we shouldn’t expect 7-year-olds to read. Unfortunately the school system in most countries says they should. It really isn’t going to make much difference if they learn at 5, 6, 7...

...knowing what your average 7yearold thinks about and feels. In other words, selecting the right birthday greetings for this age comes down togettinga little familiar with the social and emotional milestones for 7-year-oldboys and girls. According to an article called Developmental milestones...

These books had 6- to 8-year-oldboys raving, either because they made them laugh, were full of adventures, or were so exciting they had to keep reading.

Aseven-year-oldboy is being charged for shooting his father in the wrist, and the boy's father is facing a neglect charge.

The boy was hospitalized briefly at Miami Children's Hospital under the Florida Mental Health Act, based on behavioral criteria that

A7-year-oldboy was handcuffed and removed from an elementary school in Miami after authorities say he got into a physical altercation with a teacher.

While 11 yearolds may still listen to their parents and take their advice, I have discovered that it is harder to break

Seven-year-old British-Pakistani boy becomes the world’s youngest computer programmer. In the world where even the adults struggle with codes, a teen prodigy has broken all records to become the youngest programmer in the world. Imagine aseven-year-old sitting on a computer, sifting through...

Today we’re discussing when to hyphenate the phrases yearsold and yearold. Let’s take a look at two

Recently, a7-year-old little boy named Jack heard about an act of vandalism on the sidewalk in front of a Texas mosque in what is now being referred to as a

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Unlike teenagers, 8 to 10-yearoldboys aren’t in a hurry to become grown-ups. They are in the prime of their childhood and enjoying every minute of it.

Asevenyearold has big feelings, and certainly there is a range of ability to manage their emotions. But a7yearold should not be hitting anyone, including

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have kids with asevenyear age gap?

In my experience as a publisher, sevenyear-oldboys love funny books, and I think it’s no surprise that I could think of