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I'm a teenage girl and IsweatSOmuch. My armpits are like waterfalls. But the thing is, when I'm around my family or alone, I don't sweat at all.

Sweating is normal. Excessive sweating isn't. Here are a few reasons why you might be sweatingsomuch.

WhydoIsweatmore on my right arm? What are the most effective ways to deal with excessive armpit sweating? How can I stop sweatingsomuch?

ok.. so uhm I wear deodarant and everything to school, but for some reason during the school day, I'll start sweatingundermyarm pits. and it's really embarrasing and I dont know what to do about it. and I bring it to school, and put it on but it never works. can someone please help?!

People vary greatly in the amount and the way that they sweat. Many factors e.g. hormones are involved in this. Being overweight is likely to make the

Most of the time you’ll notice profuse sweating under your arms, hands, back, and feet.

I could feel my shirt getting wet undermyarms. This made me even more nervous! I started sweating more. What was causing this excessive underarm

If you've ever asked yourself, "WhydoIsweatsomuch?" this is for you. Experts explain why some people sweat way more than everyone around them.

Mainly all over my back, undermyarms and my face. You can imagine how frustrating this is as a student, going out to clubs etc with friends in

WhyDoISweat? Sweating is the body's natural process to cool itself down. Sweat can be caused by an emotional response such as anxiety, an illness or

Before understanding why you sweatsomuch, let's unpack why we sweat in the first place. Sweating is an essential, biological process to cool down the

Excessive sweat is not. Learn why you sweatsomuch and get expert tips for how to combat sweaty underams, sweaty hands, sweaty feet and more.

Sweating excessively under these conditions is not uncommon and is usually not indicative of a health problem.

Learn why you sweatsomuch and what to do about excessive sweatso that you can feel better before

Why was he sweatingsomuch? Well, the heat and humidity are surely to blame, but here are a few more reasons why we sweat.

Excessive sweating or cold sweats is one of the more well-known symptoms of a heart attack. Other common symptoms include trouble breathing, chest pains, pain down your left

Most of our sweat is released by the eccrine sweat glands, which are stimulated when the body is hot.

WhyDoISweatMore Than Everyone Else?! Written by Locke Hughes on September 9, 2015.

My armpits sweat when I'm sitting at home, at school, and even when I'm sleeping. Isweat through shirts all the time. It's getting old now and I

Do you feel like you sweat too during your workout? Find out what's normal—and what's not!—from a dermatologist!

So WhyDo We Sweat? Firstly, thermoregulation is very important for the body especially at times of excess activity, where the sweat excreted cools the surface of the skin and hence reduces body temperature. Secondly, it also works as a route to get rid of excess electrolytes and water that is a...

Whydo people sweat under their armssomuch? Because there are sweat glands there and skin against skin.We sweatso we keep