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WorldofKungFu Wiki is a community that aims to create the best resource for the WorldofKungFu , a MMORPG created by VestGame Entertainment. It was released in November 2007 for closed beta, on the PC. We are currently editing over 507 articles.

WorldofKungfu is a 3D martial arts MMORPG based on the traditional Chinese culture. Players can experience a unique martial arts world in WorldofKungfu.

DetailsEuroaion Worldofkungfu , game version 1065, working pet system, level cap 120, Drop/Experience/Reputation x1 (for the moment), All Items in ItemMall are free, nice growing community, friendly Gm, daily events, weekly events, join us.

WorldOf Tai Chi. Will KungFu Survive The MMA ERA? January 27, 2018 By admin Leave a Comment.

WorldofKungFu was a 3D MMORPG from Tengren and VestGame Entertainment based on traditional Chinese culture, taking place in a realm inspired by KungFu. The game featured unique weapon specializations, fluid combat, crafting, and endgame instances.

The WorldofKungFu is set in a fantasy world based on ancient Chinese myths and legends, where players can join their own schools and countries to help create a “Wulin”, or traditional Chinese KungFu society. The graphic environments were inspired by some famous Chinese landscape paintings...

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WorldofKungFu is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMPORG) which takes place in a mythical and remote Chinese villains. Besides having to do battle with other opponents, one of the main goals is to construct a KungFu society known as the 'Wulin'.

WorldofKungFu is a fast paced 3D fantasy MMORPG set in a fantasy version of medieval China, with nine weapon types available that serve as classes.

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The most professional WOKF server Own dev team 3 to 4 times cheaper than any other wokf server XP x5 Loot x5 Group x15 Rep x3 No down time No bug LATEST GAME VERSION Nice community Friendly GM Exclusive mounts lvl cap 120 Guard WorldofKungFu top 100, 200 server...

WorldofKungFu (WoKF) is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) based on the traditional arts and mythology of ancient

As in the real world, the WorldofKungFu is a complex network of various interconnecting systems. Unlike other games in which the point of the experience is to defeat monsters and enemies, this game invites the martial artists to become deeply involved in the development and establishment of a...

Official WorldofKungfu Pserver ONLINE FOR OVER A YEAR AND GOING No TP-GP-AVB - Qigong Temple - Guardian Pets - SMKF - More Balance

WorldofKungFu is a game that features prominent imagery and themes from Chinese mythology. What's more, it offers some intriguing game mechanics that other, more well-known MMOs don't, such as the ability for characters to marry and have children. Currently in open beta, the North American...

In “KUNGFU” brand, we do incorporate this extremely important theory and principle from the worldof nature and balance. Only when there is equilibrium between these two forces can there be harmony and vibrant health. Even KUNGFU Master Bruce Lee, truly understands the importance of “Yin” and...

WorldofKungFu is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that is set in ancient China. The game has nine different weapon specializations (classes) and an extensive crafting system. Minimum Requirements